3ft From The Other Side Shooting Complete

Principle photography is complete on the short film 3ft From The Other Side. Editing to begin soon, check out some of the set stills on the production…….

3ft From The Other Side. Set right now. A 50’s loving hitman is doubting not only his profession, but the true meaning of everything. After facing a life altering phone call – has he chosen the best path to follow?

This is a stylish, happy/ sad short with the visual style of the Cohen Brothers, deadpan of Aki Kaurismäki, a sublime soundtrack and a truly thought proving ending.

Gary-Anthony Rogers Joins The Tom Anderson Team

Tom Anderson Productions is pleased to announce the newest member of our team and board: Gary-Anthony Rogers.

Gary is a freelance DP/educator and has worked on a multitude of projects that including short films, features, TV Commercials and music videos. Gary has been lucky enough to work alongside some great household names including Mark Wingett (The Bill, Quadrophenia), Claire King (Emmerdale Farm, Coronation Street) and Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) to name but a few. With his short film ’Chestwyrm’ being featured on the BBC3 programme ‘The Fear’.

When Hollywood Hit Digbeth: Documentary Production

We are filming a documentary looking into the filming of Ready Player One in Birmingham. I know there are friends of mine that were involved and we would like to get you in front of the camera sharing your experience.

We are looking for participants in a short talking heads documentary about the location shoot of Ready Player One that took place in Digbeth in 2017. This short documentary is intended to be a celebration of The Master himself and the unique area that is Digbeth.

We would like your stories and experiences when a Hollywood Legend visited a small suburb of Birmingham. Where you there during the shoot? Did you meet the man himself?

If you are willing to be a participant please email us.